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I often hear kangaroo babies called "Joey" in Australia, but in fact, all marsupial babies (koalas, possums, sugar gliders, etc.) are called joys.

Birth of a baby koala

The newborn Joey weighs less than 1 gram and looks like a pink jelly bean. It's about 2 cm long, invisible, and has no hair, so it's hard to imagine a cute figure covered with fluffy hair. Although just born, Joey relies solely on his excellent tactile sensation and olfactory sense, his strong forelimbs and claws, even though he is still blind, and can be used by himself as a pouch for his mother's stomach without the help of his mother. I will arrive.

For 6 to 7 months after birth, the baby koala drinks only the milk of the mother koala and lives in the safe bag of the mother koala. Before a baby koala begins to eat eucalyptus leaves, it eats something special, such as a soft baby food called "pup," which is made by the mother koala, which is what we call a baby food. As a result, the micro-organisms that are indispensable for the digestion of the eucalyptus leaves in the digestive system of the mother koala will settle in the digestive system of the baby koala through “puppies”. I live on this pap for a few weeks before the baby koala comes out of my mother's bag and lives. It's different from the usual oval and dried koala dung so I'm not eating dung

Living outside the bag

When a child koala begins to eat eucalyptus leaves, it grows rapidly, becoming stronger, bigger and more adventurous. At first, she lives by sticking to her mother's koala's belly and back, but in the end, the child koala leaves her parents and builds her own life.


After a year or so, Koala's Joey leaves his parents and begins to search for his living area. This is when the first big challenge for a young koala begins. This is because we have to find ourselves in a “living area” where we can live a safe life, our favorite eucalyptus grows naturally, and our fellow koalas are nearby.

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